Earlier this weekend the bizarre news broke that Univision had both announced and filmed a pilot for a Spanish-language adaptation of AMC's award-winning powerhouse 'Breaking Bad,' which Sony TV had not yet approved or been approached for permission. Now, we're hearing that the 'Breaking Bad' remake has officially been given the all clear, so will 'Breaking Bad's' saga live on after this summer's final season?

'Breaking Bad' may come to a close after the final eight episodes this summer, but the series, created by Vince Gilligan and starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, will live on in spirit. According to Deadline, Sony TV has officially greenlit the Spanish-language 'Breaking Bad' adaptation that Univision earlier announced, without having approached Sony TV for permission.

'Breaking Bad's' foreign adaptation will bear the title 'Metastasis,' co-produced between Teleset and Sony Pictures TV. It still remains to be seen when the 'Breaking Bad' adaptation will debut between 2013 and 2014. Meanwhile, American fans painstakingly await the August 11 premiere of 'Breaking Bad's' final episodes.

“Critics and audiences love Breaking Bad and its original take on the drug dealing business,” said Angelica Guerra, Sony senior vp and managing director of production and Latin America and U.S. Hispanic. “It is a very relevant story for all audiences, produced with the highest standards, in spectacular locations with the best talent in the region.”

From what we can tell, Diego Trujillo ('El Capo,' 'A Corazón Abierto') will take on the role of "Walter Blanco," while Roberto Urbina ('Che: Part 1,' 'Correo de Inocentes') will play Jose Miguel Rosas, the equivalent of Jesse Pinkman. Sandra Reyes and Julián Arango also star.

We'll certainly keep an eye out for 'Breaking Bad's' Spanish counterpart 'Metastasis,' but what say you? Do you think the new version has any hope of living up to AMC's version of 'Breaking Bad'?

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