Deadline Hollywood has broke the news: Universal is looking to make 'Midnight Run 2.' Currently Brett Ratner is attached to direct and David Elliot and Paul Lovett are re-writing the script. For those looking for continuity, Robert De Niro is attached to star, and Charles Grodin says he's open to the possibility of returning. Our first reaction?...

What the  f___ is this? I thought post-'Thing' and 'Tron Legacy' we were done with rehashing classics from the 1980's for too-late sequels that have no real point. And then add a little helping of Brett Ratner on top of that. His 'Tower Heist' was passable at best, mostly because there was enough of a story and enough talent to make it not that bad. Ratner may be over-hated in the internet community, but he's a non-entity behind the camera, and a sorry replacement for Martin Brest.

On top of which George Gallo's script was a marvel and did wonders with the tired premise of unlikely partners. Who wants to see these guys completely out of their prime rehashing the first film? Did America, nay the world, learn nothing from 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?'

And then there's De Niro. He's been phoning it in and cashing checks for over a decade (the last film he seemed to care about was 'The Good Shepherd,' which he also directed), and hasn't had a great film role since 1995's 'Casino.' Returning to this well at this late date doesn't make a lot of sense, and the film has always been a guy's classic, but not the sort of film that inspires the sort of fanbase that will see this regardless. You have to hope somehow they make a good movie out of this, if it moves forward.