Things are getting fairly productive with Universal’s shared universe reboot of their classic monster properties. In addition to their reboot of The Mummy, the studio is also developing new films based on The Wolf Man, Van Helsing and Bride of Frankenstein. As recently rumored, Universal is after Angelina Jolie to play the titular role, and while we wait to see whether or not she’ll accept their proposal (ahem), the studio has tapped Spider-Man scribe David Koepp to work on a suitable screenplay.

Per Variety, Universal has hired Koepp to draft the screenplay for their Bride of Frankenstein reboot. In addition, the report not only confirms rumors that the studio wants Angelina Jolie for the lead role, but that they want her to direct the reboot as well. Given that her directorial interests typically skew toward more serious, dramatic fare, it may take some hefty convincing to get her in the director’s chair.

Koepp is best known for Jurassic Park, 2002's Spider-Man, Panic Room, War of the Worlds and Premium Rush. Though the writer has a few dark spots on his resume, it’s mostly solid — I highly suggest you seek out the 1990 film Bad Influence, written by Koepp and directed by Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential), which counterintuitively but brilliantly casts James Spader as a nebbish type and Rob Lowe as the bad boy trying to ruin his life. You will not be disappointed, especially if you’re looking for something to watch at two in the morning.

All of this is to suggest that Koepp is a fair choice for the Bride of Frankenstein reboot, and Jolie would be a huge get — if they can get her.

Alex Kurtzman and Fast and Furious vet Chris Morgan are overseeing Universal’s new shared monster universe, with Kurtzman making his directorial debut on The Mummy. Kingsman’s Sofia Boutella was recently cast as the eponymous legendary ghoul, while rumors persist that Universal is after Tom Cruise to co-star. Someone at the studio definitely has their ambitious pants on.