If you want to raise awareness for the new movie you're trying to crowdfund, there are few methods as amazing and hilarious as a celebrated and beloved actor insulting you and refusing to be in said project.

Comedian Adam Carolla is currently trying to secure funding for his next indie film, 'Road Hard,' and he invited 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston to help him sell it. But Cranston won't be in the movie. Oh, no. He would never stoop that low.

The (joke) video, which Carolla debuted during his appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (via The Wrap), opens with Carolla enthusiastically talking about the project, which he'll star in and co-direct. At first, Cranston plays along, but things get increasingly NSFW as Cranston "drops" the charade and delivers an ongoing monologue of abuse that's both impressive in its viciousness.

And then the final zinger -- Cranston says, "That must be weird for you. Kimmel's now the King of Late Night and you're still doing a podcart." If not for Carolla, it's at least weird for us to think how both Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla hosted 'The Man Show' together on Comedy Central all those years ago, and now one is clearly doing just a tad bit better than the other. Though, Carolla's 'The Adam Carolla Show' podcast (not podcart, Cranston) broke the Guinness World Record for most downloaded podcast ever, back in 2011.

Well, Mr. Carolla, you certainly have our attention. If your movie is as funny as the video you made to help promote it, you may have something worthwhile on your hands. To learn more about 'Road Hard,' you can head on over to the movie's Fund Anything page, where you can also contribute yourself, should you feel the need. If funded, 'Road Hard' will begin filming this December.