Despite its troubled production, we can't help but remain excited for 'Bullet to the Head', the first collaboration between legendary action star Sylvester Stallone and the equally legendary (at least among serious film buffs) Walter Hill, director of 'The Warriors' and '48 Hours.' The new trailer doesn't do much to dampen our enthusiasm.

Do we see a lot of new broken ground in the trailer? Nah. It's really just two minutes of Stallone growling threats at various baddies and dispatching them through guns, fisticuffs and well-placed explosives. It's also a mash-up of two ever-popular and increasingly tired action scenarios: the "opposites attract buddy movie" and the "grizzled veteran rescues his kidnapped daughter from a bunch of young mercenary punks" movie. It's like you took a classic '80s Walter Hill film and gave it a 'Taken' makeover.

Still, we'll take a retread over thoroughly broken ground if it means getting to see Stallone fight Jason Momoa with an ax in a movie directed by the man who made 'Last Man Standing.' We're completely cool with that. Here's the trailer:

'Bullet to the Head' opens on February 1, 2013. What do do you think?