Walter Hill's return to the big screen directing Sylvester Stallone in 'Bullet to the Head' was once scheduled for April 2012. Obviously, that didn't happen, but it may explain why it's move to February 1, 2013 sounds bad. The film was briefly set for November, though there are a couple of good reasons for the move.

For one, Stallone will be heading up 'The Expendables 2,' which opens August 17, and it's not good for branding to have a star in a similar movie a couple of weeks after the release of another of his films. To a certain extent it works against the branding. We saw Ryan Gosling in three films in four months and the first was the highest grosser of the bunch. It may be even worse if it's the same sort of movie - we did see Channing Tatum bring both 'The Vow and '21 Jump Street' to over $100 Million domestically, but they also had completely different appeals. But audiences being over-Tatum'd may be an issue when 'Magic Mike' hits this summer.

The other thing is that Stallone is currently shooting 'The Tomb' with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and 'Bullet' recently test screened. If there need to be re-shoots (and that's not always a bad sign), it's likely that Stallone is tied up currently. There was word that the film had some friction in post-production, which was likely exacerbated by the release date move, but Hill sent out a press release saying the two are in sync. Hopefully that's true and we'll see a good movie next February.