We were wondering what happened to 'Bullet to the Head' the Walter Hill-directed, Sylvester Stallone-starring picture when it got bumped from April 2012 to February 2013 (a common story this year). But now there's a trailer, and now we're excited again.

The film stars Stallone as something of a problem-solver (think Harvey Keitel in 'Pulp Fiction') whose partner is murdered by Jason Mamoa. He then teams with 'Fast Five's Sung Kang to take care of business in what appears to be the one last job. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Christian Slater and 'Cougar Town's Brian Van Holt also star.

Okay, so the story looks as cliched as all get out, but this is Walter Hill's first theatrical film in over a decade, and it looks like he still knows how to deliver action (Axe fight!) The cast looks fun, and we're happy to see Christian Slater killed off quickly. Even though the film was delayed for nearly a year (though the original release date never seemed believable), and even though the picture comes out February 1, 2013, this looks like a Walter Hill movie. And a Walter Hill movie is a good thing.

IGN has the trailer, but don't be surprised if you see this trailer in front of 'The Expendables 2' this weekend.