This trailer for ‘Cake’ features a quote that declares this a “redefining” role for Jennifer Aniston, but has whoever said that taken the time to watch ‘The Good Girl’? Or have we forgotten Aniston's previous forays into drama already? In any case, it's good to see Aniston tackling such messy and complex characters again, as her dramatic talents are often overlooked. And in ‘Cake’ she ditches the makeup and is popping just about as many pills as it takes to get that Oscar nomination.

In ‘Cake,’ Aniston plays Claire, a woman tormented by pain both physical and emotional—the former the result of an accident that's gotten her hooked on pain pills, and the latter the result of various heartaches in her life, most recently the loss of fellow support group member Nina, who committed suicide (Anna Kendrick). Claire embarks on an obsessive quest to find Nina's husband (Sam Worthington) for some sort of closure and to make sense of it all.

Early world on the film has been mostly mediocre, although critics have been reacting quite positively toward Aniston. Our own Mike Ryan saw the film at TIFF back in September, and noted that “the hokey material doesn’t quite support Aniston’s performance.”

‘Cake’ also stars William H. Macy, Chris Messina, Felicity Huffman, and Mamie Gummer, and hits theaters in 2015.