Activision and Infinity Ward premiered the first footage and details about Call of Duty: Ghosts' multiplayer on Wednesday, and the news did not disappoint.

You'll have a budget for weapons and perks. There will be more perks than ever before. Every perk has a set point value, and you have 8 points to pick perks. Want a bunch of one-point perks? Do it up. Want just two four-point perks? You can do that, too.

There will be 20 new killstreaks, including Juggernaut, Maniac, Vulture, Odin Strike, Helo Scout, and the most anticipated addition, Riley the Call of Duty dog. Streaks can be earned through more than kills, as your team performance will also earn you streaks. Strike packages are back as well, though air-based streaks have been pulled back a bit in favor of more ground-based streaks. The multiplayer has been better designed to reward your team contribution, rather than just self-serving kill mongering. Most importantly, there will be no more deathstreaks.

30 new weapons will find their way into the game, as will the new Marksman Rifle weapon class. Dual-render scopes will be introduced for the first time, allowing you to see your target and maintain your peripheral vision. Squad points are earned to unlock weapons and perks, and you can unlock in any order as long as you have the points. No longer are you tied to specific weapon unlock chains.

Of course, before you even step foot on the battlefield, you'll have to create your soldier. You can create a squad of up to 10 soldiers, each with their own settings and loadouts. There are 20,000 possible combinations for creation, and they're not just cosmetic. Many of the custom changes will impact gameplay, too. Additionally, Call of Duty: Ghosts will feature female soldiers in multiplayer.

Ghosts will feature dynamic map events, which change the world, and you can instill those changes by blowing up certain landmarks or walls. For example, on Octane you could blow up gas stations to take out enemies, or blow up walls to create new lines of sight. The Strike Zone map was also shown off, but it was tough to tell what the dynamic interactions were. Players will also have contextual leaning (no button combos for leaning out from cover), and mantling (can fire while moving over objects) and knee sliding will add new tactics to every map.

Infinity Ward teased seven new game modes, but only talked about a handful of them. Cranked is a faster-paced Team Deathmatch, and kills equal faster speed and reloads, but you also get a countdown clock that ticks down to your death between kills. You have to keep killing to keep from exploding. In Search and Rescue allies can pick up dog tags to revive you, but enemies picking them up removes you from the match. Squads mode allows you to play solo, co-op, or competitive matches with your created squad to battle bots or other players. You will earn experience for your squad, and each custom loadout will impact how your AI partners play.

Activision also introduced Call of Duty Anywhere, which allows you to take your profile and accomplishments with you wherever you go. You'll also be able to take your particular set-up with you to new consoles within the same family (PS3 to PS4, Xbox 360 to Xbox One). And of course, Ghosts will run at 60fps on all platforms. There will also be a season pass, which includes 4 add-ons. If you purchase the season pass, you'll get the team leader pack as well, which features additional content. Season passes will transfer with you within a console family, so if you buy the pass on the Xbox 360, you won't have to rebuy the content on the Xbox One.

There was a lot to take in, and there are sure to be more details in the coming weeks. Check out the trailer, and give us your thoughts on Call of Duty: Ghosts' multiplayer.