Carrie Fisher’s General-Princess Leia Organa was such an iconic character, J.J. Abrams knew he had to bring her back for the new trilogy. We knew that she had been cast in Episode VIII, and with her passing today, some wondered whether she had completed all of her production as Leia before her heart attack. But an official from Lucasfilm assured us today that all of her scenes were “absolutely wrapped.”

The official told TMZ that her work on the next Star Wars episode had been fully completed, but it’s too early to tell how her death would impact any other movies in the series.

The film’s official Twitter account said production had wrapped back in July.

On a sad day, it’s good news for any who were worried that Episode VIII would have to be reshot or the story would have to be changed to accommodate her absence. And at least she won’t be subjected to the Grand Moff Tarkin treatment we saw in Rogue One, however technologically advanced CGI gets. She’ll be greatly missed by fans and stars alike, but we know we’ll have the next Star Wars episode, and all the others as well as her huge body of non sci-fi work, to remember her by.

Star Wars: Episode VIII opens in theaters December 15, 2017.

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