A great many 'Castle' fan's dreams were finally realized when lo and behold our two romantic leads finally put two and two together, and hopped into bed for a long-awaited night of passion and revelry the likes of which ABC probably couldn't censor if they tried. But with every high there must come a low, and with every passionate hookup, there must come a suitably awkward morning after. But do Castle and Beckett have the passion to work through a little post-coitus coffee?

Have no fear, 'Castle' fans, for your wait for season 5 premiere "After the Storm" has nearly ended. Sure, we still have a few days until the September 24 premiere, but why wait that long to learn the aftermath of the long-awaited Castle-Beckett hookup? Entertainment Weekly has the first clip from the premiere, and as you can tell, things are more than a little tip-toey.

Of course, with such chemistry as Nathan Fillion's Rick and Stana Katic's Kate, surely that morning awkwardness won't last for long, right? Right?

Elsewhere, we know that 'Castle' season 5 will feature guest-director Jonathan Frakes undertaking what might be the series most 'Firefly'-filled episode to date, ‘30 Rock' star Kevin Brown will put in an appearance for a ‘Storage Wars’ -type episode, and that former ‘Heroes’ and ‘The Office‘ star Jack Coleman will guest as a recurring senatorial antagonist for Beckett. Coleman’s character may or may not have ties to the man who attempted to kill her, Cole Maddox (‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ Tahmoh Penikett).

Check out the new clip from "After the Storm" below, and tell us what you're excited to see in the comments below!