Sicario was last year’s incredible drug cartel drama by Denis Villeneuve, and, to no one’s surprise, it’s getting a sequel. Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin are both returning for Soldado, and now they have a female co-star in Catherine Keener, who has just signed on to the film.

According to Deadline, the sequel focuses once again on Del Toro’s Alejandro Gillick and his CIA agent friend Matt Graver (Brolin), who, as we all know, will hunt down and catch a cartel kingpin, no matter the cost. Keener will play Graver’s boss in the CIA, and it sounds like she’ll be the equivalent of Emily Blunt’s character in the first movie: Keener will try to figure out how to manage Gillick and Graver in their endeavors while they take not-so-legal measures to get what they want. The tunnels used to smuggle drugs into the States can also be used for larger cargo, such as terrorists.

According to Stefano Sollimo, who is directing Soldado, the sequel is not exactly a sequel.

It’s absolutely a standalone movie – a completely different story with just two of the characters that you met in ‘Sicario.’ The reason that I love [Soldado] is because it’s not exactly a sequel; it’s something you can catch and enjoy even if you haven’t watched the first one.

So it sounds like Soldado and its brethren (the series might be turned into an anthology trilogy) will be a few loosely connected stories focusing on the adventures of Gillick and Graver, but without any sort of stiff narrative arc connecting them all.

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