Though whether the word "Celebrity" truly applies is debatable, the remaining three contestants certainly proved themselves worthy of the title "Apprentice" in last night's two-hour penultimate 'Celebrity Apprentice' episode. However, for one finalist, it was time to give up the dream of raising money for a favorite charity and get back to the business of being a sort-of-celebrity.

Former Danity Kane singer, Aubrey O'Day finally got the boot thanks to what Donald Trump referred to as her "transparency." We thought he was talking about her top but apparently The Donald was referring to O'Day's management style, a criticism former contestants and last week's advisers, Marlee Matlin and John Rich also leveled at O'Day. The Playboy model and singer's response? "Whoever said I'm transparent, f--- them!" Didn't see that coming...

O'Day's journey to the finals came as a bit of a surprise, considering she walked off the show earlier on in the season, after clashing with Arsenio Hall. Her departure leaves Hall and Clay Aiken to battle it out in dueling celebrity charity events in next week's season finale.

Though he's no stranger to coming in second on reality shows, 'American Idol' season two runner-up, Aiken swears this time "he ain't gonna lose." Meanwhile, Hall promised to "get in (Aiken's) ass," and then quickly tried pull his foot out of his mouth. That said, our money's on Clay.