Certain Women, Kelly Reichardt’s drama of four independent women making their way in the American northwest, finally has a trailer.

Kristen Stewart plays Beth, a law student who befriends a ranch hand (Lily Gladstone, in her screen debut). She wants to more from life than what her family thinks she should, explaining to her new friend that selling shoes is the nicest job a girl in her family should get. Gina (Michelle Williams) is building her dream home with her husband, but clashes with him when they try to persuade an old man to sell them his sandstone. Laura Dern is Laura, a lawyer who deals with both sexism in her office and a hostage situation. “It would be so lovely to think that if I were a man, people would listen and say, ‘Okay,’” she says. “Oh, it would be so restful.” We also get to experience Jared Harris’ gruff American accent, as he plays a client of Dern’s who is unhappy with a workers’ compensation settlement.

The film premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews from critics. It was written by Kelly Reichardt and based on short stories from Maile Meloy’s collection Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It. Certain Women will be in theaters October 14.

And you can check out the new poster below:

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