Channing Tatum’s a delight — fleet-footed dancer, lovably lunkheaded actor, and crooner of the occasional showtune, he’s got more of a claim to the title of America’s sweetheart than just about anybody. But while I may love Channing Tatum, and you may love Channing Tatum, he’s got one critic he just can’t seem to win over: his four-year-old daughter Everly.

As celebrities first learning the ropes of parenthood are wont to do, Channing Tatum made a recent appearance on late-night TV to muse about the funny little quirks of child-rearing (in addition to promoting his upcoming feature Logan Lucky). On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tatum divulged that he and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s choice to show their daughter Step Up — the film on whose set Channing and Jenna first fell for one another — did not get quite the reception they had hoped. Daughter Everly was reportedly unimpressed with her parents’ locking and/or popping, requesting to “put on a real movie” after about ten seconds. Humbled, Tatum switched to the more kid-beloved Moana. (He then riffs on a plan to secretly voice a character in an animated movie as a test to see if his daughter rejects movies solely on the principle that her pop-pop is in them. He should show her Comrade Detective.)

But it’s Tatum’s comment near the beginning of the clip above that gives me the most pause. Soon, sooner than he might realize, the day will come that his daughter will bear witness to Magic Mike XXL and the dozens of sex acts her father simulates in the name of entertainment. Now that’s a tough conversation.

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