On first viewing, Channing Tatum's video about his new obsession, 'The Dick Graze' (#DickGraze for the Twittersphere), earned a reaction along the lines of, "Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen. It's not going to happen." But then, keeping in mind that "fetch" actually did happen, and how idiotic us men can be (Ha! Dick graze. Giggle), we're ready to embrace this song-and-dance routine of the '22 Jump Street' star peddling his new thing/hashtag.

Don't know how to Dick Graze? It's just a little way Tatum likes to say "hey!" Instead of a handshake or a fist pound, he likes to go in as if to grab his buddy's nut sack but instead just grazes the crotch. Don't worry, it's totally not gay. See, even '22 Jump Street' directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are getting in on the game.

But what about women, you ask? What is the fairer sex to do without dicks to graze? Just ask Tatum's '22 Jump Street' co-star Jillian Bell, who's here to tell you how you can say "what's up?" with your lady bits.

So what do you think? After watching Tatum's latest viral mischief, will The Dick Graze become the next planking or Tebowing? While you're thinking of your best response, keep in mind that this is the same actor who'll probably be up for some awards recognition for 'Foxcatcher' come Oscar season.

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