If you thought Hollywood adapting board games and Troll dolls into movies wasn't that bad, then wait until you get a load of this: 20th Century Fox is adapting the 'Choose Your Own Adventures' books into a movie.

We're pretty sure we already play a version of 'Choose Your Own Adventure' every time we go to the movie theater and choose which movie to watch, but apparently that's not adventurous enough. THR reports that 20th Century Fox has secured the rights to the classic 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book series, and are looking to turn the books not only into a film, but a multi-platform action adventure franchise.

The classic books, first released in 1975, allowed readers to make decisions for the protagonists in the books by choosing which path they would take -- would they go in the scary cave, or run away? Would they take the treasure and risk certain death, or would they ignore it and soldier on? This allowed readers to become active participants in the stories, but it also promised that the reader could re-read the book and make different choices, giving them a new story every time.

Now it's up to 20th Century Fox to decide which story they'd like to tell, as the books featured locations that varied from outer space to a haunted house. But how will they incorporate the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' model into the viewing experience? Are we going to sit in a theater and vote on which route our heroes will take by pressing a button? It doesn't make much sense. Then again, a movie based on those creepy Troll dolls your parents have been saving in the attic from your childhood doesn't make much sense either -- studios will just make anything into a movie these days to avoid having to come up with new ideas.