It's good to be a rich heir to a powerful family. It means if you want to become a movie producer, it's no problem. And for Megan Ellison it means that if she wants to see a movie, then it's something that she can finance without sweating. And so we may see David O'Russell's 'American Bulls---' with Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper.

As Deadline tells us, the film would concern an FBI sting (ABSCAM) that took down a number of senators and representatives (but not Jack Murtha, who kept working even though he was tainted). Bale and Russell are attached to the project while Bradley Cooper is in talks.

The film's problems speak to the modern landscape of cinema. This film couldn't find financing because it's not something geared to multiple quadrants and the youth market. But where Darren Aronofsky used 'Black Swan' to leapfrog to big studio productions, David O. Russell has not, and a film that costs $30-$40 Million dollars (as this one is budgeted at) is in some ways more risky for a studio to back that a hundred or two hundred million dolllar production.

The title, 'American Bulls---' is unlikely to survive if the film does get fully financed. The MPAA may also be too sensitive to a title like 'American B.S.'