Christopher Guest isn't a name that comes to mind when one thinks TV, what with the British director being best known for his witty satires in film, most recently the film 'For Your Consideration,' but that may change within the next few years.  So what, if anything, could have possibly driven the famous director to television?

According to Vulture, acclaimed director Christopher Guest ('Best in Show,' 'This is Spinal Tap') along with creative partner Jim Haddock, have been eying development of a new single-camera comedy to be shopped around for TV.  The project, called 'Family Tree' would be a largely improvised genealogy comedy that follows efforts of one man as he attempts to track down his real family. On deck to take the role is Chris O'Dowd, best known to American audiences for his role in the Kristen Wiig comedy 'Bridesmaids.'

While no deals are officially in place, NBCUniversal International Television has been shopping the project around to various networks, mostly with the intent of limiting commercials and maintaining content control to keep Guest's trademark improvisation in place.  This means that most likely HBO, Showtime, or even Netflix will take the series.

What say you?  Do you think Christopher Guest on TV would literally be 'Best in Show?'  What network do you think is a good fit for the UK movie-making duo?  Tell us if you'll watch in the comments!

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