Cirque du Soleil has been running for nearly thirty years now, and it's done phenomenal business in towns like Las Vegas. But - so far - all reproductions of the show have mostly gone direct to video. They couldn't recreate the experience. But now that 3D is so prominent it makes sense that 'Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away' will play theaters this December 21.

The film comes with an interesting pedigree. The film was produced by James Cameron, and directed by 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and 'Shrek' helmer Andrew Adamson. That's great behind-the-scenes talent for the movie, and filming the show in three dimensions seems the best way to capture what makes it so special. Having watched some of the videos, being kept at a distance does their shows little favors.

And from this trailer, it looks like Adamson and Cameron have planned to make it as cinematic and immersive an experience as possible. It also looks like the sort of film that could play well to the older audiences who've made Cirque du Soleil so successful and those who like to watch films while not entirely sober. So what better time to for the film to come out than the holidays?