VHS is back. Thanks to relentless, stubborn collectors of the outdated format, along with boutique companies like Mondo reissuing forgotten gems on VHS, we will likely never live in a world where videotapes no longer exist. VHS isn’t just kitsch or hipster cool, it’s a legitimate format preferred by certain film fans — in part because there are still so many films that never made the transition from video to DVD, much less Blu-ray. One clever French artist has married the vintage sensibility with modernity, creating classic covers of contemporary films and television shows.

You may have thrown away your VHS player, but thanks to an artist known as Stan (if that is even his real name), you’ll not only wish you hadn’t, but you’ll wish these creations were real. As shown on his Tumblr page and in the gallery above, Stan takes the concept of the vintage format and combines it with modern media offerings to create products that will never exist. The primary reason people continue to collect VHS is for those forgotten, often bizarre treasures that never saw the light of day after the dawn of the DVD revolution.

But what if studios continued to manufacture current offerings on VHS? You can read the fake story of Stan, the French hipster who hopes to revive the dead format over at Golem 13 (warning: the entire article is in French, so you should probably implement the Google Translate function), or peruse his creations on his Tumblr page.

Among his VHS covers are modern films like Gravity, Guardians of the Galaxy and Interstellar (he really likes sci-fi), and television shows like The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.

Viva la VHS!