'Cloud Atlas,' the latest and much-anticipated movie from the Wachowski siblings, recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and much like with trailer one and trailer two at, some are completely blown away by the fantastical imagery and others are utterly locked in a state of confusion.

With a total of six story lines that weave together over a time span of centuries, 'Cloud Atlas' was one of those book-adapted film projects that many were convinced could not be translated to the big screen. But, hey, if Tom Hanks can understand what's going on (he called it "one example of cinematic literature that examines the connectedness of the human race throughout all of time") why can't we?

Still, there were plenty of critics and TFF attendees who were too overcome by the mental gymnastics to have any appreciation for the work. For one, Gaurdian critic Henry Barnes wrote in what is quickly being called the famous "2 star 'Cloud Atlas' review" on Twitter, "Tom Hanks sports a variety of noses and Hugh Grant gives us his best body-painted cannibal in this wildly over-reaching and not entirely unsuccessful adaptation of the David Mitchell novel." All that was missing from that burn was, "Yo' mama."

Take a look at what some of the critics at the Toronto International Film Festival are saying in the early review for 'Cloud Atlas.'