A typical trailer cannot even begin to describe the joys of 'Cloud Atlas.' One of the year's best and most ambitious films, it's the perfect antidote to what's been a pretty disappointing year for mainstream cinema, proof that yes, film is an art form that hasn't hit a ceiling. We've only just begun to realize what we can do with this medium (read our own Matt Singer's very positive review here). By its very nature, its hard to have simple conversations about 'Cloud Atlas,' which makes the below behind the scenes featurette feel significantly smarter than your average promotional video.

As the video makes clear, there's something for everyone in 'Cloud Atlas.' Are you a fan of costume dramas? Then you'll love the segments that take place on the Pacific Ocean in the 1840s and in Belgium in the years before World War II. Enjoy thrillers? Then the storyline that follows a investigative journalist learning too much in 1970's San Francisco will be right up your alley. British comedies? The Jim Broadbent story has got you covered. And the action and sci-fi fans will find much to love with the two stories that take place in the distant future. If you happen to love all of the above, then you've probably just found your new favorite movie.

'Cloud Atlas' opens on October 26th. You should go see it. Obviously.