There is really only one way to describe the opening weekend for 'Cloud Atlas' and 'Silent Hill: Revelation' and that word is "Ouch." But they weren't alone: this was a bad week for just about every movie not called 'Argo.'

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1Argo$12,355,000 (-24.9)$4,327$60,780,000
2Hotel Transylvania$9,500,000 (-26.9)$2,900 $130,434,000
3Cloud Atlas$9,400,000$4,681$9,400,000
4Paranormal Activity 4$8,675,000 (-70.1)$2,542 $42,632,000
5Taken 2$8,000,000 (-39.7)
$2,671 $117,389,000
6Silent Hill: Revelation$8,000,000$2,728 $8,000,000
7Here Comes the Boom$5,500,000 (-34.6)$2,208$30,610,000
8Sinister$5,070,000 (-42.5)$2,160 $39,515,000
9Alex Cross$5,050,000 (-55.7)$1,987$19,369,000
10Fun Size$4,060,000$1,347$4,060,000


'Cloud Atlas' was a risky gamble from the start and unfortunately, it's not a gamble that paid off. Much like (the wonderful and hugely underrated) 'Speed Racer,' this was Andy and Lana Wachowski trying something completely odd and utterly unique. Sadly, that's the kind of filmmaking that builds a legacy for decades down the road, not the kind of filmmaking that leads to massive box office grosses. With an opening of $9.4 million on a budget of $100 million, 'Cloud Atlas' is dead on arrival financially. That's a shame.

'Silent Hill: Revelation' also bombed, but at least it bombed on a significantly lower budget. The sequel to a horror movie no one liked starring a bunch of people who enjoy paychecks is the kind of movie that's destined to open to $8 million. We'd be making a bigger deal about this if 'Cloud Atlas' hadn't bombed harder this weekend.

The third new release of the weekend was 'Fun Size,' which opened in the tenth spot with $4 million. For this one, blame the nonexistent marketing campaign. Did anyone know that this was opening? Did anyone know that this movie actually existed before it opened?

Although it's not a disaster by any means, we can also officially include 'Paranormal Activity 4' on the list of disappointments. Last week's opening was below the standard of the series and this weekend saw the gross take a massive 70% drop, evidence of toxic word of mouth. This series is produced for pennies so one is weeping quite yet, but it's starting to look like the 'Paranormal Activity' series is ready for a break. 'Paranormal Activity' dethroned 'Saw,' so what will officially dethrone 'Paranormal Activity'? Our bet is on the eventual sequel to 'Sinister,' which is inevitable since since it made another $5 million this week and will exit gracefully with about $50 million in the bank (on a teensy-weensy budget, too).

But let's step away from the negativity and look at one of the sole rays of light in the top ten: Ben Affleck's 'Argo,' which only dropped 24% and re-took the number one spot with $12 million. The Oscar frontrunner has made $60 million so far and at this rate, $100 million is looking incredibly likely. It's not common to see an R-rated, modestly budgeted movie with strictly adult appeal ride word of mouth to blockbuster status, so...long live Ben Affleck's wonderful directorial career! The other winner this weekend was 'Hotel Transylvania,' which rose up a few spots in the top ten and beat out the new competition despite being a month-old release. Impressive.

Next week, 'Wreck-It Ralph' and 'Flight' will kick off the Winter movie season. Expect the former to win the week, but expect the power of Denzel Washington to drive the latter to a solid opening.

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