'Cloud Atlas,' Andy and Lana Wachowski's long-awaited film based on the novel by David Mitchell, finally has a release date courtesy of Warner Bros. So when will you finally get to see the film?

The visionary brothers behind 'The Matrix' have been working on 'Cloud Atlas' for years. As Indiewire notes, the film had some trouble getting financing once Warner Bros. took a look at the $170 million price tag.

Instead of battling the studio system, the brothers and collaborator Tom Twyker tweaked the budget down to $101 million and gathered financing on their own via foreign pre-sales. Star Tom Hanks also took a huge pay cut for his part in the film, helping to bring the sprawling, multi-period set film to life.

'Cloud Atlas' was sold to Warner Bros. for domestic distribution for a mere $20 million, and although the deal called for a two and a half hour run time, the studio has given approval to a cut that runs two hours and 44 minutes, indicating that the film is pretty damn good. Even more promising is the US release date: December 6th. This makes 'Cloud Atlas' a contender for awards season, further proof of the studio's faith in the film.

'Cloud Atlas' stars Tom Hanks, Hugo Weaving, and Halle Berry in six interconnecting stories spanning several decades.