Stop the endless revivals of old movies and TV shows? As if.

Per Deadline, the next property ready for a 2019 reboot is Clueless, the iconic ’90s teen comedy about Beverly Hills high schoolers. This update, though, will shift the focus, from the Cher character played in the original film by Alicia Silverstone, to Dionne, the character originated by Stacey Dash.

They describe the CBS Studios show as a “new, dramatic take” on the material:

Written by Jordan Reddout and Gus Hickey (Will & Grace), the new Clueless — a Mean Girls meets Riverdale meets a Lizzo music video — is also set in high school. It is described as a baby pink and bisexual blue-tinted, tiny sunglasses-wearing, oat milk latté and Adderall-fueled look at what happens when the high school Queen Bee (Cher) disappears and her life-long number two (Dionne) steps into Cher’s vacant Air Jordans. How does Dionne deal with the pressures of being the new most popular girl in school, while also unraveling the mystery of what happened to her best friend, all in a setting that is uniquely 2020 LA?

That is ... a lot of TV show for a single series.

Clueless did makes its way to TV before. The movie inspired a mostly faithful spinoff in the late ’90s that ran for three seasons on ABC and UPN. Dash returned for the show, along with Elisa Donovan and Donald Faison, but Cher was played by Rachel Blanchard. Although the TV series is mostly forgotten, the Clueless movie, directed by Amy Heckerling, remains one of the most beloved teen movies ever — so there could be an appetite for a modern version. And I supposed if you are going to update the material, it’s good to put a new spin on it and not just redo the whole thing beat for beat with new actors.

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