We recently learned that Joel and Ethan Coen's next movie, 'Hail, Caesar!,' would reunite the writing/directing duo with their 'O, Brother Where Art Thou' and 'No Country for Old Men' stars George Clooney and Josh Brolin. Now comes word that these two A-listers will be joined by a trio of wonderful talent, including Clooney's 'Burn After Reading' co-star Tilda Swinton.

According to THR, Swinton joined the cast of 'Hail, Caesar!' with Channing Tatum and Ralph Fiennes. Yes, Channing Tatum will appear in a Coen Brothers film, continuing a fantastic streak of career choices.

The film, based on the Coens' original screenplay, is a period comedy set in the 1950s and follows Eddie Mannix, a fixer who works for big Hollywood studios. Tatum's character is said to be reminiscent of a Gene Kelly type, while Fiennes will play fictitious studio head Laurence Lorenz. As for Swinton, she'll be playing a prominent Hollywood gossip columnist, which is decidedly very much the opposite of someone like Swinton, but with her ability to play the hell out of eccentric characters, we can't wait to see what she and the Coens cook up with this one.

'Hail, Caesar!' isn't just a reunion for Swinton and Clooney -- Swinton will also be reuniting with Fiennes, with whom she recently appeared in Wes Anderson's 'The Grand Budapest Hotel.'

Given the casting for this flick, so far -- and that it's a new Coen Brothers film -- we're already ecstatic.