Colin Trevorrow must have made a great impression on his Jurassic World executive producer Steven Spielberg because the pair are already planning their next film together before Jurassic World has even hit theaters. It’s not a Jurassic sequel, but it is another sci-fi movie—this time based on an early concept Trevorrow came up with along with his writing partner.

According to THR, Trevorrow and his collaborator Derek Connolly are developing Intelligent Life, a new sci-fi thriller somewhat based on The Ambassador, a concept the duo originally intended to make after their debut film, Safety Not Guaranteed. That early concept centered on an official from the UN who is given the important task of basically acting as the ambassador of Earth should we ever make contact with alien life. The ambassador winds up falling for a beautiful and mysterious woman, and you can probably guess her secret.

That concept has been retooled and retitled as Intelligent Life, which Spielberg will executive produce alongside Connolly, with Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall also on board.

Trevorrow first made an impression with Safety Not Guaranteed, a small budget sci-fi indie about an odd man (Mark Duplass) who places an ad in the paper seeking someone to join him on a time travel expedition. Based on the strength of that film, Trevorrow was hired to helm Jurassic World, his first big budget, major studio feature. We haven’t had a chance to judge Jurassic World for ourselves yet, but obviously Spielberg and Marshall like what Trevorrow’s delivered.

Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12.