It’s a classic premise, and for good reason: guy’s wife/girlfriend/daughter vanishes into thin air, guy drives himself halfway to madness in dogged attempts to get her back, guy grows unkempt beard of mourning. It has drama and intrigue wired right into the plot beats, allows for some salacious secrets, and who doesn’t love a good mystery? George Sluizer’s 1988 film The Vanishing may have done it best, but just a couple of years ago, David Fincher gave him a run for his money with Gone Girl. And today, we get our first look at the latest entry in this grand storytelling tradition.

The latest mold to which this time-honored premise will be custom-fit is Come and Find Me, an upcoming drama starring Aaron Paul and Peaky Blinders’ Annabelle Wallis as “guy who must find missing girlfriend” and “missing girlfriend,” respectively. Directed by Zack Whedon (brother of Joss and Jed, posing the question as to why he isn’t named John or Jimmy, and why they’re not all in a folksy alliterative family band together), the film will gets released in theaters and on demand on November 11.

Joining Paul and Wallis in the cast will be southern-drawled character actor Garrett Dillahunt, one-time Happy Endings star Zachary Knighton, and Valerie Tian (Su-Chin from Juno!), though their roles aren’t exactly specified in the trailer above. All we know for certain at present is that she’s missing, he’s got to find her, and an unspecified they have done something nefarious to make her disappear. Everything else will remain a mystery until November.

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