Comedy Central’s Review has dominated critic recommendations for two seasons, however difficult its title makes word-of-mouth recognition, and Forrest MacNeil’s descent into misery may soon come to a close. Comedy Central has officially confirmed a third season as the show’s last, potentially airing as a Review movie, or shortened series.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the zero-stars news, noting that the decision was a joint agreement between actor-creator-producer Andy Daly and Comedy Central itself. Airing its first two seasons in nine and ten installments, the final season will likely end up closer to at least three, potentially airing together as a movie of some sort.

For those unfamiliar, Review follows Daly as “Life Reviewer” Forrest MacNeil, whose earnest attempts to review any and all experiences his “audience” suggests has increasingly ruined his life. The series also stars Megan Stevenson, Jessica St. Clair, Fred Willard and Venture Bros. voice James Urbaniak.

Comedy Central has declined official comment, but was a truncated end to the moderately-rated Review the only way Forrest MacNeil’s story could end? Will there be any final redemption for the downtrodden antihero? Drown your sorrows in an upsetting number of pancakes in the meantime.

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