Will Milla Jovovich finally bring down the evil Umbrella corporation once and for all? Even if she doesn't, it'll be one heck of a rid.

The Screen Gems Comic-Con 2012 'Resident Evil: Retribution' panel brought together some of our favorite stars from Paul W.S. Anderson’s zombie franchise, including Jovovich along with her co-star Michelle Rodriguez, to both preview the latest 'Resident Evil' chapter and reveal some well-sought-after details.

Paul W.S. Anderson rocked a plaid shirt on the dais of Comic-Con's Hall H, introducing the global scale of the fifth 'Resident Evil' movie. Red Square, the White House, Times Square... all should get ready for some apocalypse. Also: Milla Jovovich as a suburban house frau?

After another look at the trailer (and, man, it looks slick) members of the cast came out. Mika Nakashima, Boris Kodjoe, Oded Fehr and Michelle Rodriguez took the stage, but when Milla Jovovich, always so gorgeous and wearing a sparkly scarf, busted out and asked, "WHAAAAAT'S UP!??!?," the place came alive.

As you can tell from her grand opening, she's psyched to play Alice again, but also excited to play the "normal character," and remarked it must be tough to be a regular person in the 'Resident Evil' world.

Then a clip, part of a climactic nine-minute fight that involves Alice and Jill Valentine.

It began on, like, a giant zamboni somewhere in the arctic hinterlands. As ice cracked, Alice emerged from the top, and she and her allies faced Rodriguez who stabs herself in the neck with a hypodermic needle. Then the Res Evil schnazz we know and love kicked in. The music started pumping and then gorgeous women in elaborate shiny black outfits started leaping, crunching and swinging metal hooks at one another. Bullets that hit Rodriguez pulsed through her body and eventually dripped out of her fingertips. A spike nearly poked Milla in the eye.

At its closed, Milla declared that that was "sick shit." It was. It was sick shit. Listen, Paul W.S. Anderson does what he does really well. He creates amazing sequences and puts together great popcorn cinema. Ephemeral, sure, but absolutely enjoyable.

Then came time for the Q&A where Michelle Rodriguez found herself propositioned by both male and female audience members, and there was a lot of love on stage for girl power. Rodriguez and Jovovich have genuine mutual respect, and looked gorgeous sitting side by side.

When asked about the future of the series, Anderson said that this was definitely the beginning of the end... or at least with the Alice character. Milla chimed in that 'Resident Evil' existed before Alice and will live on after her, too. She suggested that after number six, she'll be done.

Bringing the subject back to the ladies, a dude asked how much Milla and Michelle could bench. Milla thought he was talking about planking, (awesome?) but both of the ass-kicking ladies admitted they keep in shape through other means.

As awesome and Milla-Michelle-centric it was, the panel definitely ended on an odd note (or should we say, an Oded note?) when Fehr suggested that he was smoking weed when his character died earlier in the series. If you're thinking what could be stranger than that? Here's something -- I have to run now because Milla invited me to go hang out at the Ghiradeli Ice Cream place.

Stay tuned...