The Comic-Con 2012 events and live panels are hours away at this point, but AMC is still churning out promotional material in anticipation of 'The Walking Dead' gathering on Friday in Hall H.

Aside from the presence of its zombie-proof car and the zombie obstacle course 'The Walking Dead' Escape, and the recreation of Michonne with her "pets," there will also be a bunch of season 3 posters, including a brand new one created for the occasion.

Illustrated Greg Capullo, who's best known for his work on 'Spawn,' has just produced a limited-edition 'Walking Dead' season 3 poster exclusively for Comic-Con 2012. The prison, which finished out the closing moments of season 2 and will play a major part in the upcoming season, stands in back of a shuffling zombie.

Check back here for more updates for 'The Walking Dead' at Comic-Con 2012, and see the new season 3 poster below.