Hot on the heels of ‘Arrow’’s first CW season, and a number of recent announcements, the majority of the DC comics TV series cast and executive producers dropped by Comic-Con 2013’s Ballroom 20 to not only preview ‘Arrow’ season 2 with fresh footage, but also announce new villains and guest stars! So, what was the big ‘Arrow’ season 2 scoop from Comic-Con 2013?

Judging by the trailer, we’d have to go with BLACK CANARY! That’s right, the fishnet crimefighter will first appear in the ‘Arrow’ season 2 premiere “City of Heroes,” though it won’t be Laurel (Katie Cassidy) under the makeup. Like Yao Fei’s turn in the Green Arrow costume and Billy Wintergreen as the first Deathstroke, the new character will serve as Laurel’s ultimate inspiration to take up the mantle herself, though not immediately.

That wasn’t the only surprise of the panel, as season 1 star John Barrowman made a surprise appearance to confirm that he would return for the new season as well! Being dead, we’d think that to be a problem for the character, but there’s always flashbacks! And who says he died the first time around? Barrowman’s reveal also joined several other major casting announcements, including ‘True Blood’ star Kevin Alejandro as DC villain Brother Blood, and ‘The Dark Knight’ star Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger.

As previously announced, Summer Glau will portray the villainous DC character Isabel Rochev, while Michael Rowe will reprise his role as Deadshot / Floyd Lawton, potentially introducing the Suicide Squad!

Here were the best tidbits from the Q&A portion of the panel:

  • One leftover moment from the trailer, wherein Oliver announces he doesn’t want to be known as “The Hood” anymore, and when Diggle asks for a suggestion, Oliver knowingly eyes a green arrowhead.
  • In addition to the new villains, season 2 will be Moira’s season of redemption, hoping to see if things with the Queen family can be patched up. Meanwhile, Oliver will have difficulty running Queen Consolidated, while Thea takes over the club for her brother.
  • Tommy’s death will overshadow much of the second season, and continually influence Laurel and Oliver’s actions. David Ramsey also revealed that season 2 will take a much closer look at Oliver’s use of lethal force in acting as a vigilante.
  • Coining the shipping name “Delicity,” Emily Bett Rickards wouldn’t decide if her character Felicity were better off to get involved with either Oliver or Diggle, though the fans clearly rooted for “Ollicity.”
  • Colton Haynes offered that ‘Arrow’ season 2 would be something of an “island” for Roy Harper, providing the necessary crucible to get on par with Oliver’s own transformation into badass vigilante hero. Haynes and Stephen Amell joked about who’d fare better in a salmon ladder competition.
  • Asked if Manu Bennett would finally become Deathstroke proper this year, producers teased that the opening moments of the season 2 premiere would heavily hint at the arc for the character.

We’ve included that ‘Arrow’ season 2 sizzle reel and trailer below, but what say you? Are you excited for the new DC characters and stars being added to the ranks this season? Where do you hope the ‘Dark Knight’-inspired DC series goes next?

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