We were on hand this past Sunday for the Comic-Con 2013 event of 'Breaking Bad''s final panel previewing the last eight episodes of the series, but for as many surprises and shenanigans as the Hall H presentation had in store, series star Bryan Cranston had one major bombshell to drop: the man walking through the convention center in a photorealistic Heisenberg mask was none other than the star himself!

Many oblivious attendees of Comic-Con 2013 had complimented Cranston on his Walter White costume and the eerie life-like nature of the mask, even taking photos without realizing that Cranston himself was under the mask. Cranston himself admitted during the 'Breaking Bad' panel that he had disguised his voice in a "higher register" so as not to be recognized by fans interacting with the man in the Heisenberg mask.

The deception was fully unveiled once Cranston removed the mask on the Hall H stage at the beginning of the panel, after which Cranston and 'Breaking Bad' co-star Aaron Paul repeatedly broke to play with and fondle the mask during the panel itself. Cranston even joked that he'd created the mask himself, but we're guessing he had a bit of help in creating something so frighteningly lifelike.

'Breaking Bad' will kick off the first of its final eight episodes on August 11, but in the meantime, check out the Comic-Con trailer below, and give us your predictions for the final hours in the comments!