Can the 'RoboCop' remake possibly live up to the original? That's the question on everyone's mind and what Sony Pictures was trying to prove when they brought the film to Comic-Con. We checked out the brand new 'RoboCop' footage and spoke to the cast of the film - Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish and Samuel L. Jackson - plus director Jose Padilha to find out what this new 'RoboCop' was bringing to the table.

Star Joel Kinnaman told us that he first saw the original 'RoboCop' when he was 8-years-old (that seems a little to see the very R-rated 'RoboCop' but maybe they do things different in Sweden) and has literally been practicing his RoboCop walk since then. So, if you're worried about the cast honoring the original, we don't think you need to worry much.

And despite persistent rumors of a PG-13 rating, all involved said their 'RoboCop' will be just as dark and gritty as the original. Sam Jackson says he even gets to use his trademark "motherf---er."

Check out what each of the 'RoboCop' cast had to say about the film in our exclusive Comic-Con interviews below!

Samuel L. Jackson

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Joel Kinnaman

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Abbie Cornish

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Jose Padilha

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