Although he starred in the 'Harry Potter' franchise, Daniel Radcliffe is just now making his San Diego debut at Comic-Con 2014 this week. Ahead of his visit, we have a brand new poster for his upcoming horror flick 'Horns,' which displays his startling new head accessories.

IGN premiered the new poster for 'Horns,' the horror film directed by Alexandre Aja ('Piranha 3D') and based on the novel by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King, if that tells you anything). In the film, Radcliffe plays a man who wakes up one day to discover that his girlfriend has been murdered and there are horns growing from his head -- but with these mysterious horns comes an intriguing new power, and one that he'll have to learn to use wisely if he wants to find out who killed his girlfriend.

The horror film touts the tagline "Love hurts like hell," and it's definitely going to give us more of the newer, edgier version of Radcliffe that we've seen emerging in recent years since the conclusion of 'Harry Potter.'

The film also stars Juno Temple, Kelli Garner, James Remar, and David Morse, and hits theaters on October 31. Radcliffe will appear at Comic-Con this Friday to promote the film, so check back here for updates, as we're sure we'll be getting an official sneak peek of sorts relatively soon.

Click on the poster image below for a larger, high-res version: