If you're one of the fans of 'The Dark Knight Rises' going to Comic-con 2012, have we got news for you. During the convention five lucky attendees will be picked to have their own private screening of the movie in their hometowns. Not a bad deal.

This comes from 'The Dark Knight Rises' Facebook page, and it also says more details will be revealed shortly. There's no mention of the day of the screening or much else. It's still pretty cool, though it may involve doing some legwork or a simple lottery, and no mention is made how many people you can invite with you to watch it. Both options (seeing it by yourself or with all your friends) sound exciting.

At this juncture - with the film's release mere days away - there probably won't be too much else from the film at the con. We've already had so many teasers, trailers and posters, it's unlikely that the film will be screening there, because it makes little sense to give it away for free to the target audience.

The Film opens July 20, and it's going to be a monster of an event. But for five lucky Comic-con attendees, the magic should happen a little bit earlier.