It's a good day for fans of NBC's beloved higher-education comedy, 'Community.' Not only will the show return to finish out its third season run tomorrow night, but fans can look forward to going back to Greendale next year, when Comedy Central begins airing the first three seasons come fall of 2013.

The partnership is great news for the show's passionate fans, who staged a flashmob outside of Rockefeller Center to get the network's attention, as well making their avid support of the series known via assorted social media outlets, when it was pulled from NBC's mid-season lineup.

While the network has promised to run the remainder of 'Community's' twenty-two episode season three order, the show's future remains cloudy.

However, the same can be said for the network as a whole, as NBC has struggled to produce new hit shows while its old reliable workhorses like '30 Rock' and 'The Office' continue to slide in the ratings.

While NBC heads remain unsure about the show, execs at SONY Pictures Television, which produces 'Community' in partnership with Universal, are confident about the show's syndication deal with Comedy Central.

"'Community' is a perfect fit for the Comedy Central audience," said John Weiser, US distribution head for Sony Pictures Television.

David Bernath, executive VP of Program Strategy & Multiplatform Programming agrees. "Within the chaos of the current media landscape we are fortunate that we live in a timeline where 'Community' comes to Comedy Central," said the exec.

And the folks at Comedy Central are celebrating the deal in fitting fashion.  Said Bernath, "Our staff is celebrating with a game of paintball in the offices today."