Yes, Comic-Con 2012 really is the gift that keeps on giving.  We couldn't be there in Ballroom 20 this year for the 'Community' panel that brought most of the cast as well as new show-runners Moses Port and David Gurascio into the limelight, but the panel did give out one little nugget sure to sustain 'Community fans until its October premiere.  Find out inside!

Straight from its Comic-Con 2012 panel, 'Community' has released its season 3 gag reel to the masses, in lieu of any new footage to show.  The clip is brief, but adorably features Alison Brie rapping in an extended verse, as well as plenty of stuff old white guy says from Chevy Chase, who will thankfully not be departing the show this season.

Elsewhere, the cast and crew did offer up a few juicy new bits of gossip for the Greendale Gang in season 4, notably that Jeff Winger (Joel McHale, 'Sons of Anarchy' star) will finally meet his father, and that a fourth year needn't necessarily mean that the 'Community' characters will go their separate ways, or graduate from Greendale Community College.  We'll also finally see the interior of Pierce's mansion, as well as take the group to a "Inspector Spacetime" convention!

You can check out the gag reel below, and count down the days until 'Community' season 4 by showing your love in the comments section!