October 19th may have long passed by in reality, but we're only one day away from the "real" October 19 premiere of 'Community' season 4, incidentally taking place on February 7. 'Community' fans wait with bated breath to see if the comedy changes significantly under new show-runners Moses Port and David Guarascio, but what does ousted creator Dan Harmon have to say about the new run of episodes? Will he tune in for 'Community' season four? What do the new heads say about a potential fifth season? New 'Community' scoop inside!

The fourth season of 'Community' has long represented a mixed bag of hope, finally returning the acclaimed comedy to the airwaves, albeit with a reduced episode order and new show-runners likely still adapting to ousted creator Dan Harmon's style of work. New heads Port and Guarascio certainly remain optimistic about the chances for a fourth season, telling HitFix that "the show holds up as being, this is still 'Community' and it’s still a funny and neat show with great characters and we’re telling interesting stories," and pointing out NBC's loss of '30 Rock' and 'The Office' as good reasons to keep the struggling show around.

Harmon himself has expressed optimism in his cast and the new show-runners for 'Community' to succeed in season 4, but wisely removed himself from consideration in an interview with Splitsider:

I think that the best thing I can do is nothing at all, so that nothing I say or do can be interpreted as anything. Obviously, I’m very, very close to the show, therefore, my opinion of it now that I’m not working on it is #1 gonna be the most charged, #2 probably the least-representative of the average fan. I am the guy whose job it was to go into that office every day and – no matter how good the show was – say “I don’t think it’s good enough.”

That’s arguably why I got fired and arguably why if the show is good enough and everyone’s happy with it, you don’t want to hear my dumb ass piping up about it. That could ruin everyone’s experience. So, I’m gonna wait a long time until the dust settles, until my opinion doesn’t matter so much anymore.

We're keeping optimistic about the new season of 'Community,' but what about you? Will you tune in for tomorrow's seasn 4 premiere "History 101," or does the show feel too different without Dan Harmon? Check out the latest trailer, and give us your take in the comments!