We’re still hard pressed to believe Community made it to Season 6 after all, with all-new episodes premiering on Yahoo Screen March 17, but short of an inevitable movie, the Greendale gang is officially back. Check out Community’s Season 6 poster for the big move, along with photos of our new and returning cast members!

While People managed to grab the first Greendale photos of Community Season 6 in action, the new poster brings with it a treasure trove of memories from seasons past. Sprinkled atop the car, moving boxes reference everything from the “Darkest Timeline” to paintball, blanket forts, The Cape, and even Troy’s troll sitting up front with the Greendale Human Being.

Meanwhile, Joel McHale even spoke to a bit of creative renewal for the series, even as the lacking FCC restrictions had minimal change to Community’s comedy stylings:

Well, we aren’t restrained by the FCC anymore, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be nude and cursing all the time. It will be the same show – just about three or four minutes longer than it used to be. It’s more of an HBO-length comedy now. I can tell you these are the best scripts I’ve ever done. I am skipping to work each day because I am so happy about what is happening.

Elsewhere, we know of Community Season 6 that creator Dan Harmon and executive producer Chris McKenna will remain at the helm, while cast members McHale, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, and Ken Jeong have all signed on to return. Harmon previously suggested that any inclusion of Donald Glover might be reserved for the movie, though he hopes the actor could return. We’ll at least have Keith David and Paget Brewster arriving to fill the gap of Yvette Nicole Brown’s departure, along with a few other cameos to enjoy.

We’ve included the latest Community Season 6 photos and poster above, while the Greendale Gang’s official return lies exactly one month away!

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