Dogs are adorable. You can't lose with a comedy skit when you're including precious felines. Yesterday Team Coco introduced a series of new dog breeds from the faux group called the American Kennel Club. This club has "breeded" a new mix of dogs to make our guiltless lifestyles even more comfortable.

Among all the possible creations Conan and his team could have concocted, they showed us how stylish a Gucci-Handbag Terrier would look, how un-intimidating a Porcupup would be, how uncooperative the All-Terrain Retriever would act, how much a Long-Bearded Chuihuahua belongs in a Kung Fu film, and finally, how mighty a West Africa Lion-Doodle would stand.

This begs the question for you, dear reader, if you could breed your own type of dog, what would you make and why?

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