Saint Patrick's Day is tomorrow, where, if there's a parade or popular street full of bars in your town area, you'll find handfuls of drunk heathens stumbling the streets, teeth stained from drinking too much green beer. The Irish know how to drink; young college boys wanting to be Irish for a day, do not.

Leave it up to Conan O'Brien to gather a bunch of cool comedians to shoot a sketch for St. Patrick's Day. Megan Mullally ('Party Down' and NBC's 'Parks and Rec.'), Fred Armisen, Simon Helberg, Jenny Slate, Stephen Merchant, Chris Gethard, Jon Heder, Rob Riggle, Jon Glaser, Seth Green, Adam Pally and Keegan-Michael Key team up to drink Conan's special green beer and toast for St. Paddy's Day. The problem is, this green beer may or may not be contaminated with something very displeasing. This video was done in roulette, which makes sense to why each comedian's repulsed response is different.

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