Movies have taught us that the 'Alien' Xenomorph and the Predator are enemies and will try to kill each other if stuck on the same planet together, but these two cosplayers want you to know that differences can be set aside and magic can happen.

Pedro T. Predator (aka Mark) is a cosplayer from the UK who dresses up as the Predator (obviously). Pedro met up with a fellow cosplayer named Abi T. Xeno, who cosplays as a Xenomorph from the 'Alien' franchise, and the two bonded over all that rubber and those weird appendages and stuff.

So what else were they going to do but document their adventures? The pair play Chess, video games, attend conventions, get piercings, and sometimes fight with each other because, well, it is sort of in their nature to eliminate other life forms for sport and/or planetary domination.

Also fun: Pedro has a wife who dresses up as a Predator and goes by the name Peyton Predator. Among the photos in Pedro's gallery (though not shown below) are some of Pedro and Peyton sitting on benches, standing in front of a wedding ring store, and getting into shenanigans in various retail shops. It's kind of adorable.

We've included a bonus photo of Pedro trying out his "PredaThor" look, which we think is hilarious.

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