She may play a small role in Tim Burton's 'Beetlejuice,' but it's an important and very memorable one. Today's cosplay pays homage to the suicidal and sassy Miss Argentina.

VelvetNeko is a French cosplay enthusiast from Toulouse who dons outfits ranging from Alice in Wonderland to a Catwoman inspired by Tim Burton's 'Batman Returns.' It seems that this French mademoiselle is really into Burton, judging by what we think is her most awesome cosplay -- Miss Argentina from 'Beetlejuice.'

If you'll recall, Miss Argentina was the bluish-green-skinned, red-headed beauty who played secretary in the afterlife, where sitting in the waiting room really can take an eternity. And as the character Otho notes, people who kill themselves become civil servants in the afterlife, which is scarier than anything you'll learn in church.

Neko's cosplay involves painting her skin a vibrant blue and giving her hair an intense red makeover with a messy updo. She comes pretty close to nailing it with the fabric of the dress, which, like the film costume, also has a paisley pattern and similar shimmery red/fuschia fabric. We also love her attention to detail with the bottom of the dress (never shown in the film) and the Miss Argentina sash, adding a little green fabric to the bottom edge to make it pop.

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