We get a lot of fairly straight-forward cosplay around here, so it's nice to see this guy sprucing things up a bit with his masculine (but still very feminine!) take on Chun-Li from 'Street Fighter.'

We have no idea who this guy is. This photo has been circulating the internet, popping up on sites like Reddit, and we wish -- oh, we wish so hard -- that we knew who the hell this guy is because he is our new favorite person.

This anonymous cosplayer took it upon himself to dress as Chun-Li, and the results are hilarious and adorable. We see so many ladies dressed as female characters, and men dressed as male characters, and plenty of ladies dressed as male characters, but where are all the brave dudes dressing like their favorite female characters? There shouldn't be a stigma here! Men, we implore you -- please start dressing like female characters. It's amazing!

What we like so much about this is how happy he looks, and the addition of blush on his cheeks to keep him looking feminine, in case he wasn't getting that point across in his outfit. And he's no slacker, either, because this outfit is really awesome:

Chun-Li man cosplay

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