If you’ve been to enough Comic-Cons (or at least browsed enough Comic-Con photo galleries), it becomes harder and harder to be impressed by the cosplay. But, then you see something like this 10-foot tall Hulkbuster from New York Comic-Con, and it’s hard for even the most jaded comic book fan to not be really, really impressed.

This is Thomas DePetrillo. This is his Hulkbuster costume. It took Thomas over 1,600 hours to build it. Even if he worked 12 hours a day, it would’ve taken him 133 days straight to make this. It certainly seems like it was worth it.

The suit ways over 95 lbs. and it takes DePetrillo over 20 minutes just to put this thing on. What’s most impressive is that this Hulkbuster is almost built to scale. The version in Avengers: Age of Ultron (which this costume is based on) was 11-feet tall, so DePetrillo was only off by a foot.

DePetrillo owns a costuming company, Extreme Costumes, and they’ve been touring around the country winning the top prizes at many Comic-Cons (and rightfully so). You can check out more of their work here.