Man, not enough people cosplay as Will Smith characters. That guy always plays such a cool hero, and we really like this cosplayer's take on Smith's drunken superhero 'Hancock.'

Kevin (aka ArcaneKani) has some pretty interesting cosplay up his sleeve -- 'The Fifth Element's' Ruby Rhod, Isaiah Mustafa's Old Spice guy, and this really spot-on replication of Hancock, the titular anti-hero played by Will Smith in the movie of the same name.

Not all cosplay has to be elaborate to be enjoyable. If you've got a great, simple idea and the right attitude, you can put together a costume that's really cool without having the means or sewing talent some other cosplayers have. Kevin's take on Hancock is awesome because he clearly has the swagger -- and the Will Smith looks -- to pull it off. Seriously, in a couple of these photos he's a dead ringer for the actor.

We also like how he used Hancock's booze problem in some of the photos -- empty bottles or taking a swig from a drink enhance this costume with an added layer of comedy. Check out some pics of Kevin as Hancock below, or head over to his DeviantArt page for more.

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