Why should the Ghosbusters get to have all the fun fighting off spooky ghouls? Secretary Janine Melnitz gets in on the action with this creative cosplay.

This cosplay of the 'Ghostbusters'' no-nonsense, sarcastic secretary Janine participating in some honest-to-goodness ghost-busting is pretty great. Why didn't they ever ask her to strap on a proton pack and work with them? She seems like she could handle the pressure better than half the guys on that team.

Kathy from Germany put together this very cool Janine cosplay, featuring the lady's signature wacky glasses and big, obnoxious plastic beads. She sort of blends both the Janine from the 'Ghostbusters' movies and the Janine from the animated series into one character, with brightly colored accessories and that sassy face. Kathy went to school for photography, but she also loves cosplay and video games. These photos are the only ones on her DeviantArt profile for now, but we're hoping to see more from her soon because she's very, very talented.

Check out a few pics of Kathy as Janine Melnitz with her 'Ghosbuster' friends below, or head over to her page for more.

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