You guys remember that awesome Lady Bane cosplay from last year? Well one of our favorite cosplayers is back with her fierce take on Red Sonja.

Nicole Marie Jean is one very cool lady -- she makes crafts, she's a sculptor, she loves video games, and she puts together some pretty amazing cosplays of characters like Bane, Spider-Man and the beautiful Red Sonja.

Red Sonja was introduced in an old 'Conan the Barbarian' comic. At the age of 17, her family was killed and her house burned down, and the leader of the mercenary group responsible for her loss also molested her. It's pretty bleak stuff. Then the red goddess Scathach comes to her aid and grants her the ability to wield a sword like a badass and a new heroine is born. The Red Sonja character is a relic of the '70s -- she's a misguided, sexist creation. For instance, Scathach tells her she can have her power as long as she never has sex with a man, unless he honorably defeats her in battle. So there's that.

But in more modern times, Red Sonja has evolved a bit. She still wears the trademark silver bikini, which Nicole Marie Jean replicated here in stunning detail. According to Nicole, she has scars on her hand from building the costume. Now that's some serious dedication to craft. Check out some pics of Nicole Marie Jean as Red Sonja below, or head to her Facebook page for more.

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